1. Create a new constituent query. The format can be dynamic or static.
  2. On the Criteria tab, add a filter looking for constituents with no gifts, such as First Gift > Gift Date blank. (A constituent with no gifts has no first gift, so that gift date does not exist or is blank.) 
  3. On the Output tab, add fields to review the names, such as Constituent > Name.
  4. Click the Results tab to view the names.
NOTE: If you want to look for non donors based on a date range as specific Campaign, Fund or appeal, select the Filters tab in the Total Amount of Gifts Criteria, and select the filters you want. 

NOTE: Using the Summary Total Number of Gifts does not work as if a constituent has made a pledge at one point, then wrote that pledge off, it will still show up as having made a gift.  

Another way you can do this is using the Non-contributors Report:

  1. Create a new Non-Contributors Report, one of the Analytical Reports.
  2. On the General tab, include all records or a selected query of constituents.
  3. On the General tab, enter a date range if needed. This is the range during
  4. which contributions are not made. If you leave the date fields blank, the report considers all dates.
  5. Include all or selected campaigns, funds and appeals on the Filters tab.
  6. Select to create an output query by marking the Create output query checkbox on the General tab.
  7. Preview the report, and name the output query when prompted.