1. Create a Constituent export.
  2. On the Output tab, select the following fields:

    Constituent Addressee/Salutation: 
    Addressees/Salutations, Addressee (and/or Salutation)

    Contact Addresee/Salutation:
    Relationships, Contacts, Addressees/Salutations, Addressee (and/or Salutation).*
    Address, Address Processing, Contacts, Addressee (and/or Salutation)
  3. Enter the number of contacts to export and specify which contact types to include.
    NOTE: If pulling contact information from Address Processing, users will also need to select the address/contact information to pull
  4. Click Export Now
*If each contact should be exported on a separate row, refer to the instructions in How to export contact name and address information: How to export contact name and address information.

Note: When exporting only name and address information, consider using Mail's Quick Letters function. It's easy to use and may include all of the fields you need. If not, use Export instead.