Our disaster recovery plan deals with eliminating single points of failure at our datacenter hosting facility. Our commitment to our customers is 99.9% availability. We design our systems so there are at least a minimum of 2 components for every function (Internet connection, firewall, switches, routers, web servers, application servers, database servers, Disk Arrays, etc.) So if any part should fail, there is another that can pick up the load. We test the plan annually and modify it as needed at the same time.

Further more, our datacenters are located in three separate geographic locations: Boston, MA, EU (Amsterdam), Orange County, CA and Vancouver, British Columbia. We have equipment in each datacenter, and backups on all North American datacenters are handed across each to act as disaster recovery for the other two in the event of any need arising.

For more information, please Click Chat with Support and request a Blackbaud Audit Report which will detail our Disaster Recovery Plan in full depth.