1. In Mail, open the mailing parameter
  2. Select the Fields to Include tab
  3. On the right, under Fields to Export, highlight the corresponding Addressee or Salutation field
  4. Click 'Options'
User-added image
  1. Choose the appropriate Addressee or Salutation format 
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  1. Click OK
  2. Run the mailing
If after following the above steps the results are still the same:
  1. Open the parameter file (mailing) in question
  2. Click 'Send to Word Merge Wizard'
  3. Click Next until you reach the 'Create your merge document' screen
  4. Click 'Edit Merge document'
  5. Delete the Addressee or Salutation merge field in the document
  6. Insert the merge fields in the merge document
  7. Click 'Save and Return to RE7'
  8. Finish the merge