Security in ResearchPoint is determined by system roles. System roles control the features, tasks, queries, and more to which your users have access. ResearchPoint includes four roles to which you can assign users:
  1. Prospect Research: The main system role, this role grants users access to features used to determine prospect qualifications. Rights include but are not limited to adding, editing, and managing constituent records; searching for Wealth Information; importing and exporting data; and using advance features such as Mapping and Prospect Analysis dashboards.
  2. Prospect Research Manager: This role grants administrative tasks not included in the Prospect Research role. It is especially useful for larger organizations. This role allows users to add new users, manage code tables, and access additional configuration settings.
    • NOTE: The Prospect Research Manager role cannot be used alone.  This role works only if the Prospect Research role is also assigned.
  3. Development Officer: Generally a view-only role, this role allows users to review the data in the system but not enter any changes to the data. The Development Officer can run constituent searches, view data, print prospect profiles, and execute some general queries.
  4. Development Officer - Advanced Rights: This roles is a supplement to the existing Development Officer - View Only role.  This role adds additional rights NOT available in the Development Officer - View Only role, allowing the user to search and review prospects.  The advanced user can access research lists and the individual screen as well as sync records with Raiser's Edge.  The user cannot modify data.
    • NOTE: The Development Officer - Advanced Rights role cannot be used alone.  This role works only if the Development Officer - View Only role is also assigned.