In order to log into a database, a user license must be available.  


To free up a user license to allow a user to log into the solution:

Click your product below for the steps to find the current number of licenses for your database:

If you are receiving this error as an RENXT client you will need to have the unlimited user licenses unlocked.  Please create a case providing the following information:

  • serial number of your database (can be found from by going to Help > About within the database view)

If your database is hosted by Blackbaud Hosting Services: Blackbaud Hosting Services automatically disconnects inactive users from the database after 60 minutes of inactivity, which will free up any database license(s) taken by that user.

If Blackbaud hosts your data, and you need a user disconnected, please Contact Support and reference this article.  The Connection Viewer in a hosted application may not accurately display the connected users that are using licenses.  For more information, refer to Users are missing in Database Connection Viewer