Critical Pre-Installation Considerations:

  • Raiser's Edge must be installed on the server prior to installing the REWS
  • Determine the Blackbaud NetCommunity version and patch that you will update to.  Generally, this will be the newest available version and patch.
    • Do not attempt to install a newer version or patch to your Raisers Edge Web Server than the version and patch that are currently installed to your NetCommunity servers and components that are hosted by Blackbaud Hosting Services.
  • Review the Blackbaud NetCommunity System Requirements.
    • As Blackbaud hosts your Blackbaud NetCommunity database, the resources discussed in the sections Blackbaud NetCommunity database server and Blackbaud NetCommunity web server & core components are managed by Blackbaud.
      • If Blackbaud Hosting Services has already updated your NetCommunity database, web server, and core components to the newest version and patch, and all components are already running NetCommunity version 6.41 or higher, proceed with the update to your Raiser's Edge Web Server.
      • If Blackbaud Hosting Services has not already updated your NetCommunity database, web server, and core components to the newest version and patch, or your installation is still running NetCommunity version 6.40 or below, please contact Blackbaud Interactive Support to discuss your specific installation before proceeding.
  • Make a valid backup of the Raiser's Edge database and Raiser's Edge WebService web.config file.
  • Review the Pre-update and Post-update Considerations in the Infinity Platform Installation and Upgrade Guide.
  • (Recommended): Process all existing transactions out of the NetCommunity plugin.


  • Initial Blackbaud NetCommunity installations must be done through Blackbaud Consulting Services. To set up an installation contact the consultant assigned to your organization.
  • Blackbaud Hosting Services clients should not attempt to upgrade Blackbaud software or software that integrates with Blackbaud software without first consulting with Customer Support. Please click Chat with Support and reference this article so we can discuss this with you. 
  • A brief explanation of the installer files available in the NetCommunity section of 
blackbaudinstallerXXX.exe (where XXX = the version of NetCommunity, i.e. blackbaudinstaller70144.exe) - When split-hosted, this file is used to update the the Raiser's Edge Web Server to Patch 0 of the version specified.

blackbaudinstallerXXXpatchYY.exe (where xxx = the version of NetCommunity and YY = the Patch number, i.e. blackbaudinstaller70144patch2.exe - when split-hosted, this file is used to update the Raiser's Edge webserver to the correct patch AFTER the blackbaudbinstallerXXX.exe has been run.

pluginXXXpatchyy.exe (where XXX = the version of NetCommunity and YY - the Patch number, i.e. plugin70144patch2.exe) - this workstation-specific installer is used to install or update the NetCommunity plugin.  Note that this must be run on each workstation that needs to download data from NetCommunity into The Raiser's Edge or The Education Edge/BBSIS.  Also, note that this file should never be run on the NetCommunity Server or Raiser's Edge Web server.  Doing so will render NetCommunity unavailable until the NetCommunity components are uninstalled and reinstalled.

infinitizerXXX.exe (where XXX = the version of NetCommunity, i.e. infinitizer645.exe) - this file is used to update older NetCommunity databases to the Infinity Platform.  This never needs to be run in a split-hosted configuration. 

Important setup notes:

Note: The following instructions should be run from the Web server(s) where the existing Web services are installed. We highly recommend reading all instructions prior to beginning the installation process.

  1. Download the installation files to The Raiser's Edge Web Server:
    1. Download Blackbaud NetCommunity. 
    2. Double Click installer file
    3. Select the Save this program to disk option and save the file to a directory on the The Raiser's Edge 7 Service Web Server. 
  2. Update the RE7Service Web Server:
    1. Browse to the executable ( found at ) and double-click the appropriate .exe file file to launch the installer. 
    2. Click Next.  NOTE: If you're installing this for the first time, make sure to select "The Raiser's Edge Web Service" and "Raiser's Edge plugin" as well as "Education Edge plugin" if you use Education Edge or Student Information Systems
    3. Click Finish to return to your desktop. 
    4. Access the Blackbaud NetCommunity testconfig or configinfo page to ensure the RE7Service and Blackbaud NetCommunity components are on the same version. 
  3. Update The Raiser's Edge Blackbaud NetCommunity Integration Plug-in on the workstations:
    Note: For instructions on installing a new Raiser's Edge workstation with the Blackbaud NetCommunity Integration Plug-in refer to the Blackbaud NetCommunity Installation Guide (PDF).
    1. From the Downloads page, click Blackbaud NetCommunity 7.x and Patch. 
    2. Click on the .exe plugin file.
    3. Select the Save this program to disk option and save the file to a directory on the network that is accessible from all Raiser's Edge workstations.
    4.  At the Raiser's Edge workstation, browse to the folder above and double-click the .exe plug-in executable. 
    5. Follow the instructions in the installation wizard and click Finish once the update completes.