• If you mark Allow Offline Donation Entry,  a participant can click the Enter Offline Gifts link on the participant dashboard page to add the offline donation.
  • If you do not mark this checkbox, a View Offline Gifts link appears on the participant dashboard.
  • Participants click the link to view offline gifts only.
  • Offline gifts cannot be added from the View Offline Gifts link.

Additional Notes:
The Raiser’s Edge user enters the offline donation for the Team Fundraiser in The Raiser’s Edge.

When The Raiser’s Edge user enters an offline donation in The Raiser’s Edge for a Fundraiser, Team Fundraising reflects the gift in the Fundraiser Dashboard, Report (Fundraiser), and other applicable areas of Team Fundraising such as a Donor List Fundraiser Page Element part.

When an offline gift has these conditions in The Raiser’s Edge, the gift is included in Blackbaud

• The Raiser’s Edge gift fund must match the Team Fundraising fund.
• The Raiser’s Edge gift type must be Cash or Pledge.
• The Raiser’s Edge gift must have one or more Team Fundraising solicitors associated with it.
For more information, see the Team Fundraising Users Guide