To void a range of records:

  1. In Banks, click Void selected payments under Administrative tasks.
  2. Select the appropriate Transaction type and Void by method from the drop-down menus.
  3. Enter a Start number and End number.
  4. Mark or unmark the Delete unpaid invoices after voiding payments and Print control report options as appropriate.
  5. Click Void Now.
  6. Click Yes to 'Are you sure you want to void these checks? to begin the voiding process'.
  7. Click OK once the process is completed.


  1. In Banks under General tasks, click Open register.
  2. Highlight the record in the bank register. Use the Shift and/or the CTRL key in combination with the mouse cursor to highlight multiple records in the bank register.
  3. Select Register, Void from the menu bar.

If records have been posted, the system will post reversing entries to General Ledger. If records have not been posted, it will be marked as Do Not Post.

To void a single record:

  1. In Banks, select the appropriate bank from the Select a bank account drop-down menu.
  2. Under General tasks, click Open register.
  3. Highlight the check to be voided in the bank register.
  4. Right-click on the record's row and select Void, or select Register, Void from the menu bar.
  5. The system uses the current date for the Void date and reversals by default. If needed, change the Void date and Reversal post date.
  6. If the invoice or calculation paid by this check should also be deleted, mark the corresponding 'Delete?' checkbox.
  7. Click Void.

Note: If the payment was posted to the General Ledger before voiding, then the reversing transaction will need to be posted to washout the original posting. Also, reconciled payments cannot be voided.