1. Go to Prospects page > View all Lists.
  2. Open the appropriate research list.
    Note: If necessary create a new Research List.
  3. Within the grid, there should be a column for RE7 linked?.  If not, you can choose to add this to the grid by selecting Columns.  If the records are not linked, they will need to be linked with The Raiser's Edge (BB453554) before they can be synced.
  4. You can link each record by selecting the drop down icon and clicking Link with RE7
  5. Once you have linked all of the records you would like to sync, click Sync list with Raiser's Edge in the navigation bar.
We recommend syncing around 2,000 records at a time due to the performance impacts it can have on both Raiser's Edge and ResearchPoint.

NOTE: If a message is received that a record within the Research List is already linked, then the RE record is linked to a different ResearchPoint record.  The duplicate records within ResearchPoint should be merged and then remaining record be included in the Research List.