To update or change the bank account:
  1. Log in to the BBMS Web Portal
  2. Click Account Management > General settings
  3. Under Disbursement Information, click Edit account
  4. Change the information needed
  5. Click Save or if no changes are needed, click Cancel
The bank account will be suspended until validated.
After editing a bank account a follow up contact will occur from the BBMS Account Validation team.  This is to request additional information to verify that the information we have for the account is accurate. Upon validation, disbursements will resume per the calendar schedule.

Note: To avoid a delay on the next scheduled Disbursement, the bank account must be validated by the Last Day Cycle date. Changes made after the Last Day Cycle will be reflected in the following disbursement. To view the Last Day Cycle and corresponding Pay Cycle dates, please refer to the Disbursement Schedule
If you want to add a disbursement account to have funds deposited into more than one bank account, refer to How to Distribute Funds to multiple Disbursement Accounts.