Post 7.1 SP3 (7.1.194+)

  • ​Constituent Lists
    • If a recipient marks the global opt out of a message which used a Constituent List, the Requests No Email box is automatically marked on their record on the Bio 1 tab. A Profile Update is sent into the plugin. Clicking the Profile Update will clear it from the plugin.
  • Linked User Logged into NetCommunity
    • If a user, linked between BBNC and RE, logs into the NetCommunity website, accessing the Email Preferences page and globally opts out of all messages, their record in Raiser's Edge will automatically update Requests No Email under the Bio 1 tab. A Profile Update not sent into the plugin. Clicking the Profile Update will clear it from the plugin.
  • Imported List
    • If a recipient opts out of an Imported List, this information can be seen on Email>Lists. Imported Lists do not integrate with The Raiser's Edge. A Profile Update is not sent into the plugin. See How to view or report on opt outs or unsubscribes  for more information.
  • Newsletters
    • If a user only elects to unsubscribe to one or more individual newsletters on the email preferences page (not globally opting out), no Profile Update will be sent over and that user will still receive other email messages sent from your organization.
Main Difference Pre 7.1 SP3


  • Constituent Lists and Linked Users: Profile updates are generated for Raiser's Edge records when a user opts-out of email communication, regardless of whether or not that Raiser's Edge record is also linked to a Blackbaud NetCommunity account. After the Profile Update is processed in the NetCommunity plugin, the Requests No Email box is updated on the constituent's Bio 1 tab.