To view disbursement reports in BBMS:

  1. Log into the BBMS web portal and click Disbursement under the Reports heading on the navigation bar at the top of the screen.

  2. Click the 'View' or 'Export' hyperlink in the Detailed report or Summary report column for the disbursement week you would like to examine

  • The 'View' link will open the export as a PDF in your browser

  • The 'Export' link will allow you to open or save the report as an XLS file

  • Note: When opening the detail report each transaction type will be listed on separate pages in the PDF view and on separate tabs in Excel. Be sure to access each page and sheet for the full details

  • You will see various details about this disbursement, including:

    • The total amount disbursed, which will be the net amount in the last row of the report labeled Grand Total

    • The disbursement period

    • The individual transactions and the amount

    • Fees for each transaction

    • The net amount disbursed for each transaction

  • To view the disbursement schedule please review What is the Disbursement Schedule for Blackbaud Merchant Services?