1. Log into Blackbaud Hosting Services and open the application that you wish to use with email
  2. Select Tools > Microsoft Outlook
  3. Type your Microsoft Exchange mailbox name.  This is your Outlook email account that you use to send and receive emails. (e.g. John.Doe@blackbaud.com)
  4. Click OK
  5. At the next prompt, enter your domain username and password to connect to your Exchange server, then click OK
  • The domain user should be in one of these two formats: domain\username, (e.g. BBNT\JohnDo) or the full email address,( e.g. John.Doe@blackbaud.com).  The format will depend on how your Exchange server is configured.
Note: These steps assume that Blackbaud has already integrated Microsoft Outlook with your Microsoft Exchange server through Outlook Anywhere. See these Knowledgebase Articles if you would like additional information on setting up  Note: Users will have to always open Microsoft Outlook by going to Tools > Microsoft Outlook in their hosted database. Setting up Outlook Anywhere does not allow them to use their local version of Outlook with the integration.