Generically, the Team Approach/Convio Data Sync is comprised of four parts:

1.  A Query and Output Schedule job creates a .csv file that is deposited in $HOME/output/vendors/convio and is named something like ".upload_cons.csv".  In this same directory a ".manifest" file should be located, named something like ".upload_cons.manifest".

Note:  the Output file must be in the correct format, especially the header row.  Some errors are due to the Column Header being changed in the Output record (where the import on the Convio side will not load the file properly, or a formula in the Output record that is erroring out.  As a starting point, compare the output file from a problem run to a successful output file.

2.  A Run Ad-Hoc Processing job calls an OS script in the utility/unix directory that 'puts' or transfers the file on Convio's ftp server along with the manifest file.  
3.  If the FTP 'put' is successful, then Convio creates a return file that will be awaiting a later scheduled Run Ad-Hoc Processing job which calls an OS script that 'gets' the return file.  This job is the third part of the sync, and the script to 'get' the Convio return file is also located in the utility/unix directory.  
4.  The final part of the sync is an Account Data Upload (ADU) job by which the data in the Convio return file is loaded into Team Approach.

If you have verified that the output .csv file and the .manifest file are located in the $HOME/output/vendors/convio and the sync is still failing, please create a support request at, noting the names of the jobs to output, put, get and upload sync data and referencing this solution.