1. In Query, click New.
  2. Choose Vendor as the type and Dynamic as the format.
  3. On the Criteria tab, expand Bank Information and double-click on Bank Description (Note: this will be the same word or phrase that appears in a bank account's "Account Description" field).
  4. Choose an Operator of equals and type in the exact Value as it appears in the bank setup under "Edit Account Details" > Click Ok.
  5. On the Output tab, expand Vendor and double-click on Vendor Name.
  6. Add any other appropriate Output.  Note: If total payment amount is a desired output, select Summary, Total payment amount.  This field can be further filtered by adding the Payment Date field criteria.
  7. Select the Results tab.
Note: On the Vendor record, the word or phrase in the Bank's "Account ID" field is what appears in the Vendor field for "Account to use"