For MobilePay app versions 3.8+:
  1. When logging into the app for the first time, enter a unique device name (i.e. Kimberly). Device names already listed in the BBMS Web Portal cannot be used as adding devices there only works with the RE Event app. Please avoid using special characters such as # or ! in the device name.
  2. Click Login
A message may appear that says "A request for this device to use MobilePay is now pending with your organization." A user with rights to manage mobile devices can approve this request. Please see How to approve MobilePay device requests.

For configuring with the RE Event App (these steps can no longer be used for the MobilePay app):
  1. Log in to the BBMS web portal
  2. Go to Account Management > Mobile Devices
  3. Click the +
  4. Enter the name of the device (i.e. Kimberly’s Android)
  5. Click Save

  • If using version 3.8+ devices cannot be manually added in the portal. Users attempting to use manually added device names will receive an error.
  • The device security code is not valid until you click Save.
  • If the MobilePay Application is deleted from the phone or tablet, a new device name may be required.
  • If your organization uses the MobilePay Application and The Raiser's Edge Event Application, each requires a unique security code or device name. The user should log in to MobilPay using the first set of steps above, and separately create a security code using the second set of steps.