Patrons will receive this error message if their email address or linked constituent account already has a registration created. Have the patron try the following
  1. In a web form, click Sign In
  2. Enter the email address associated with their constituent record in Altru
  3. Click Forgot my Password
  4. If the web form processes the request a self-reset password link will be set out
  5. The patron can change their password and login (the registration was created at some point)
If the patron receives an error that no such record/login exists, follow the steps below to see if the client has Online details in the record. This information can also tell you when the user originally registered for web forms.
  1. Go to a constituent search
  2. Locate and select the constituent record
  3. In the left-hand menu of the record, under More Information, locate Online Information (this will only appear if the user has ever successfully created a login)
  4. If you do not see Online Information, check the History of the record and see if any changes came from Web Shell or NetCommunity user - these users are the web form adding this information to the record.