For The Financial Edge: 
How to add a new bank account
How to globally change the Bank account on a vendor record

How to globally change bank account on posted or unposted invoices
Please see Banks Guide for complete information. 

For The Raiser's Edge: 
How to add new bank information 

Additional Note: If you post from The Raiser's Edge into Financial Edge and want gifts to post to this new bank account you will need to go into the funds in Raiser's Edge, click on the GL Distribution tab and change the account number there to the new GL Account number from the new bank account or use the following solution

Blackbaud Merchant Services
How to set up a Blackbaud Merchant Services Account
     Note: In order to avoid a delay on next Disbursement, updates must be completed and validated by before the Last Day Cycle date. Changes made after the Last Day Cycle will be reflected in the following disbursement.  Please refer to the Disbursement Schedule. 
How to distribute Funds to multiple Disbursement accounts

Blackbaud Net Community

If your organization uses BBMS:
  1. Log into the BBMS Portal
  2. Go to Account Management > Disbursement Information
  3. Select the bank to be changed
  4. Click Edit and change the information needed
  5. The changes will be reflected in NetCommunity (and where the online donations are electronically routed).
Note: In order for updates to be effective in the next Disbursement, they must be completed before the Close Cycle date. Changes made on or after the Close Cycle will be reflected in the following disbursement. To view the Close Cycle and corresponding Pay Cycle dates, please refer to the Disbursement Schedule.

If you want to add a disbursement account to have funds deposited into multiple accounts, refer to How to Distribute Funds to multiple Disbursement Accounts.

If your organization uses a third party merchant provider:
  • Contact your merchant provider to update the banking information.