If the merchant is a third party gateway or processor, these settings should be configured within the web portal or business center website for the merchant account.

If the merchant is Blackbaud Merchant Service (BBMS), follow the steps below:

  1. Log into The Raiser's Edge
  2. Go to Config > Business Rules > Merchant Accounts
  3. Double click on the desired Merchant Account to to open it
  4. Adjust the AVS and CSC levels using the appropriate dropdown menus
  5. Click OK to save changes

Note: When these settings are adjusted in The Raiser's Edge, the changes will be automatically reflected within your BBMS Web Portal .

More information regarding the AVS Security Levels can be found in BB612344.
More information regarding CSC Security Levels can be found in BB294752.

NOTE: Blackbaud cannot advise your organization on what level is right for your configuration. Please consult with someone at your organization that can advise what legal or security requirements are appropriate for credit card processing in your database. 

Since Online Express uses the settings for BBMS, these changes will be reflected on your donation forms as well.