Error: The maximum file size of 1024 k b has been exceeded - while attaching a file larger than that file limitation when adding attachment to Web Invoicing

This may occur when adding an attachment in WebInvoicing that is larger than your set limit in your WebPortal Configuration tool.
1.  Select the Start menu on your computer
2. Click on All Programs
3. Click on The Financial Edge folder
4. Click on the WebPortal Folder
5. Select the WP Configuration Tool
6. Go to the Attachments tab.
7. Change the default file size limit appropriately.
8. Click Apply and click OK.

Note:  This is 1024kb by default.  The maximum value that can be entered is 2,097,151kb.  While there is not limit within the product itself that would restrict the maximum attachment size to less than that, uploading something excessively large is not recommended as it adds to the overall size of the database and could affect performance.



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