​Users can log into Web Forms to receive member discounts or other eligible discounts based on their constituent record in Altru.  When a user forgets their username and password:
  1. Navigate to the constituent record and confirm they have an Online Info Tab.
    • Note: If the constituent record does not have an Online Info tab, this means that the constituent has not registered for web forms before with this constituent record. 
  2. Click the Online Info tab 
    User-added image
  3. From Online Info Summary, note the Username
  4. Provide the username to the constituent
    • Note: If the constituent is using an email address that is not on the Online Info tab, they will not be able to reset their password. The email address on this tab must be used to log in to web forms. 
  5. Then, the constituent can go to the Altru website, click Sign In, enter the username, then click Forgot your password and reset the password via the email