Test the connection to Luminate Online in the Luminate Online Plug in within The Raiser's Edge: 
  1. In The Raiser's Edge, click on the Luminate Online Plug in
  2. Click on Options
  3. In the Constituent Merge Connection section, click on Test Connection
  4. Note if an error message is returned

Check Queue Problem Management in Luminate Online for possible errors.
  1. In Luminate Online go to Data Management > Luminate Management > Queue Problem Management
  2. Resolve any errors listed in the various queues by rebuilding them
  3. For more information on the options available for errors in Queue Problem Management, see this solution
If you are unable to resolve the error or you do not see any large problems in Queue Problem Management then the issue may be with Luminate Online's ability to connect to Blackbaud Web Services.

Verify all Controls are enabled in Luminate Online
  1. In Luminate Online go to Data Management > Luminate Management > Control Status
  2. All controls listed here should say Yes in the Enabled column
  3. If any are listed as Disabled, click the Enable in the Action column
Verify how many records are getting processed each day. The RELO integration will process approximately 2,000 records each day. If the number of available records to process is more than 2,000, users will need to allot an appropriate amount of time for new updates to process.

Make sure Blackbaud Web Services are running.

For versions at or below 1.4.14307.1 of Web Services: 
  1. On the machine with Blackbaud Web Services installed go to Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools and select Services
  2. Find Blackbaud Web Services in the list
  3. Check to make sure the Status column says "Started"
  4. If the Status says "Started" already, right click on Blackbaud Web Services and choose to Restart it
  5. If the Status does not say "Started", right click on Blackbaud Web Services and choose to Start it
Note: While in Services, right click on Blackbaud Web Services and select Properties. Ensure the Startup Type is listed as Automatic so that it starts automatically in the future, if this is not already selected.

For versions at or above 1.4.14350.1 of Web Services: 
  1. Log in to The Raiser's Edge on the machine with Blackbaud Web Services installed
  2. Click on Web Services in the navigation bar
  3. Click on Blackbaud Web Services
  4. In the Configurations Options screen, click the Stop button to stop Web Services if it's running
  5. Click the green Start button to restart Web Services

A few things that will prevent the integration from connecting:
  1. If Blackbaud Web Services for the RELO Integration is installed on more than one machine, the integration may not connect. To fix this you will need to uninstall Web Services on both machines, and then reinstall it on only one machine.
  2. If the Raiser's Edge Mobile Events Management is installed on the same computer running the RE/LO integration it will prevent the integration from working (for certain earlier versions of the Blackbaud Web Services). Please refer to this solution for more information.
  3. If Web Services was uninstalled and/or deactivated from your local network this can update the integration GUID (A global unique identifier used to connect your RE and LO. The GUID can be found in the RELO plugin. Click RELO>Options>About and note the Web Service URL). You must contact Luminate Support with the updated GUID to reconnect Web Services with Luminate.
If these steps do not resolve the issue, Contact Support and reference this article.