1. Confirm the name of the acknowledgment email by editing the part associated with the acknowledgement emails. You may consider copying the exact name of the email.
  2. Go to Email > Acknowledgements
  3. Search for the Acknowledgment from Step 1 and click the graph icon to open it
  4. Select the Messages tab
  5. Search for the recipient's email addresses or manually review the information
Note: If there is a Date/Time stamp under the Sent Column, this indicates the email left the NetCommunity email servers at this time to be delivered to the intended recipient. If the recipient did not receive the acknowledgement email, they should check their spam/junk folder or the promotions folder. 

Note: we can confirm if the email was sent. We can also review the default setup of the acknowledgment, as in Step 1, but we cannot see the exact contents sent to the donor.

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