1. Go to Analysis, Information Library
  2. Click Add a new ad-hoc query and select a source view of membership. 
  3. To pull in both back office membership transactions and sales order membership transactions that used a membership promotion, you will need to use two separate fields in Include Records where. Be sure to include an OR statement between these two fields: 
  • Back Office: Membership Transaction\Membership Promotion\Name
  • Sales Order: Membership Transaction\Revenue Application\Revenue Details\Sales Order\Sales Order Item\Sales Order Item Membership\Sales Order Item Membership Item Promotion\Membership Promotion\Name
  1. To see only the primary member in your results, add the field Member\Primary Member is equal to Yes to Include Records where. 
  2. To add details about the constituents in Results fields to display, use fields from the Member\Constituent node. For example, to add name, add Member\Constituent\Name to Results fields to display. 
  3. To add how much the member paid for the membership, output Membership Transaction\Revenue Application\Revenue Details\Sales Order\Amount for sales orders and output Membership Transaction\Revenue Application\Amount for back office.
Here is an example: