Medical information encrypted in Financial Edge and Education Edge reports

Why can't I see medical information on reports?  I'm using Financial Edge or Education Edge version 7.86 or later.

With the release of version 7.86 of The Financial Edge and The Education Edge, medical information is encrypted to comply with HIPAA standards.  Unencrypted data is still available using canned reports and the export functionality.  Direct SQL reads on The Financial Edge and The Education Edge database will only return encrypted data.

All custom reports with SQL stored procedures, SQL queries, etc. that has embedded Medical Information is affected. Custom Crystal Reports and SSRS reports are now showing encrypted data (which appears as random letters and numbers) for the Medical Information field instead of plain text.  This is causing issues with custom reports that use SQL to pull readable data directly from the database.  This does not occur in The Financial Edge or The Education Edge version 7.85 and earlier.  This issue also breaks some SQL queries written using RODBA.


 Financial Edge
 Education Edge

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