I need to sell a ticket to a past event

I have payments for scheduled events that I need to process and the event has passed.  Sometimes it is necessary to enter in sales after an event has passed to track attendance or add a registrant to a program after the program ends.
  1. Go to Sales > Advance Sales.
  2. Go to the create order tab in this screen.
  3. Mark the checkbox to show past events, and enter in the date the event took place.  Click Apply.
  4. Select the event in the list
Note: If the event does not show, go to Tickets > Program Search.  Select the program and go to the On-Sale Tab.  Edit the Advance Sales on sale information and change the number of minutes after start so that you can sell tickets at this time.
Note: If the event does show but is grayed out, this is because the Capacity of the event has been reached. Select the program and go to the Event record. Underneath Tasks, select Edit event and update the Capacity to include the additional patrons, then Save.
  1. Enter the total number of tickets sold, and click Add to Order.
  2. If payment is needed, enter in the appropriate payment method.  
Note: If you enter in the credit card information, it will charge the card.  Do not enter credit card information if the card was already charged at the event.
  1. Click Complete to finish the order.

Note: For Daily Admission programs, Altru still records attendance on the day the order is entered into Altru.  Therefore, this solution is only a way to enter the ticket sales into Altru.  There is not a way to record past attendance for daily admission sales. Please like the idea: Record Daily Attendance for a Previous Date, if you would like to see this added as a feature.



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