Attributes should have the following characteristics:
Note: these apply to all form types in NetCommunity
  • Data type of Date, Text, Currency, and Yes/No must be marked Allow Only 1 per record within Raiser's Edge
  • Data type of Table are available marked Allow Only 1 per record or not marked Allow Only 1 per record. See how to make attributes checkboxes or dropdowns for more information.
  • Fuzzy Date and Constituent Name type attributes are not available in Blackbaud NetCommunity
NOTE: there are some administrative attributes that may display in Raiser's Edge, but not be available for selection in the NetCommunity website. For example, NetCommunity eReceipt URL, NetCommunity Page, NetCommunity Comments. These are administrative fields in Raiser's Edge that capture NetCommunity specific information in the background. They are not meant to be used for the constituent to enter information into.

Additional Form-Specific Resources
How to add custom fields to a Donation form (Note: the attribute type must be Gift for donation forms)
How do I add an additional field to an event registration form (Note: the attribute type must be participant for an Event Registration Form)

Gift attribute does not display when editing donation form part