Limiting data entry on Raiser's Edge Campaigns/Funds/Appeals does not prevent incorrect cross referencing in Luminate Online

Some users may choose to limit data entry on their Campaign, Fund, or Appeal records in The Raiser's Edge. When this option is selected in Raiser's Edge, it will prevent users from adding the wrong Campaign, Fund, or Appeal on a gift record if certain Campaigns, Funds, and Appeals must be used together. When integrated with the Raiser's Edge/Luminate Online integration, users report that same data entry limitations are not available.

Limiting data entry for Campaigns, Funds, and Appeals in Raiser's Edge will carry over to the cross referencing in Luminate Online. When the top-tier of a limited record (Campaign/Fund/Appeal) from Raiser's Edge is selected in Luminate the page needs to be saved and refreshed to push the limited options. Best practice when using the RELO integration is to verify the correct records are selected prior to creating the Luminate forms. This ensures correct data entry and limits the need for clean-up.



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