Start your Query:
  1. Go to Analysis > Information Library
  2. Click Add and select Add an ad-hoc query
  3. Choose the source view of Revenue and click OK

Add a filter for any event registration payments:

  1. First, we will need to add a filter to filter on our event. From the left-hand column Browse for fields in, expand Application Details, expand Event Registrations, expand Registrant and highlight Event. From the middle column, drag Event record into Include records where. Search for your event and click OK. Your filter should read: Application Details\Event Registrations\Registrant\Event\Event Record is equal to <your event>.

Add a filter for any event-related donations:

  1. From the left-hand column, highlight Application Details and drag Designation system record ID to Include records where. Set this filter to be equal to (or One of if you have multiple event related designations) and use the search to find your designation. Your filter should read: Application Details\Designation system record ID is equal to <Your designation>
  2. If you use these designations year after year for your event, you may also want to add a date range in order to capture only this year’s donations. Highlight Revenue at the top and drag this filter to Include Records Where. Set Date to be equal to or between to match the date range you want to consider. Your filter may look similar to this: Date is equal to this year.

Add Results Fields to Display:

  1. For Payment Date, the Date field is included in the Results Fields to Display of a Revenue query by default.
  2. For Payment Amount, use Application Details\Amount.
  3. To see the Designation, use Application Details\Designation name
  4. To see what event registration option was purchased, use Application Details\Event Registrations\Registrants\Registrations\Registration Option.
  5. To see if the event registration has a balance, use Application Details\Event Registrations\Registrants\Balance
  6. For Constituent Name and other constituent information, in the left-hand column, expand the Constituent Node. In the middle column drag Name to Results fields to display. Your field will read: Constituent\Name