The following types of credit cards are registered with the Credit Card Updater service:
  • Credit Cards that are stored on the Bio 2 or Org 2 tab of a constituent record
  • Credit Cards on recurring gifts or pledges where the “Gift Status” field has a value of “Active” or “Held”
  • Recurring gifts or pledges that are in recurring gift batches where the “Gift Status” field has a value of “Active” or “Held”
Additional Notes:
  • If the "Gift Status" on the gift record changes, the card is unregistered.
  • Even cards with already expired dates will be sent up and registered with the service if they meet the above criteria.
  • American Express credit cards cannot be registered with the Credit Card Updater service at this time.
  • Users may find that gifts that do not meet the above criteria are updated with an attribute and included in the Control Report. This does not indicate the unqualified gift was registered. Attribute updates to gifts (such as records with a status of "Closed" or "Terminated") can occur when the card associated with that gift is linked to a valid credit card.

Note: Credit Card Updater is not available in the Canadian market. Canadian clients can use these services for cards issued in the US, but laws and regulations on Canadian issued cards currently prohibit this type of shared information. Likewise, US clients will not be able to use these services for their Canadian donors.