Once your site administrators invites you to blackbaud.com, you need to click the link in your invitation email to create your profile on blackbaud.com.  You will also need to create an Blackbaud (Omnibar) login account to log into blackbaud.com support.

Complete the sign up process to create a Omnibar (Blackbaud) login account:
  1. Click Sign in on blackbaud.com.
  2. Click Don't have an account? Create a new one on the login screen.
  3. Complete the form and then log into Blackbaud.com.
To access the blackbaud.com support pages, you need the Blackbaud (Omnibar) login account, an internal organizational record and the two linked together. If you receive a not associated error message after logging into blackbaud.com, follow this Knowledgebase article: Error: It appears you have a valid Blackbaud account, but you are not currently associated with any organizations