1. Verify the computer is connected to the internet.  The Core data is accessed through the URL in the settings to your site, so an internet connection is required.
  2. Verify the URL and login credentials in the ConnectRE settings (accessed via the Gear icon in the tope right of the ConnectRE screen) are valid, and have not expired.
    • Attempt to log into your ON site with the user name and password that are entered in the ConnectRE settings.
    • If the password has expired or has been updated, enter the new password in the ConnectRE settings and reload the plugin.
  3. Verify the user whose credentials are in the ConnectRE settings has the Connect RE Manager role assigned to it in Core
    1. Log into Core and select Users/Access > Edit User Profile Data
    2. Open the ConnectRE user profile
    3. Navigate to System Information, and select Role Membership
    4. Select Edit
    5. Mark the Connect RE Manager checkbox
    6. Click Save and Close