What is the Mass Merge Plugin and how do I get support for it?

Plugins are programs we develop to enable you to accomplish specific tasks in your Blackbaud software.
The Mass Merge Plug-in is a custom Raiser's Edge add-in developed by Blackbaud's Professional Services team to help you manage duplicate constituents in your Raiser's Edge database.
  • There are several things that make the Mass Merge Plugin different than the Duplicate Constituent Management tool in The Raiser's Edge. For details, review the attached Mass Merge Features Comparison document.
  • To learn about it, read the Mass Merge Utility User Guide.
  • If you're ready to get started, contact Support for assistance
If you have questions or are experiencing issues with the Mass Merge Plugin:
  1. Search Knowledgebase for your specific question or error message to see if there is already an answer
  2. Contact Support for assistance

*Note: The Mass Merge Plugin should not be run if your Raiser's Edge database is integrated with Patron Edge. 
  Mass Merge Feature Comparison.pdf

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