Alignment is off when generating pre-printed Receipts or Reminders in Mail

Receipt Number on Pre-printed Receipts is in the wrong location.  Pre-printed receipts have 3 receipts on one page, the top receipt is printing the receipt number too low, the middle receipt shows the receipt number is also too low, but not as low, but still too low, but the bottom receipt shows the receipt number in the correct location.

This issue also affects Pre-printed Pledge Reminders where the first Reminder prints the following items too low: Total Pledged, Total Billed, Total Paid, Planned Payment, Total Due, and Due By date.  The bottom reminder on the page also misprints, but is too high.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

In the meantime, try following these steps:

1. With the Receipts or Reminders parameter window open, Select File > Export
2. After preparing the report completes, a new window will appear.
3. Change the format to Rich Text Format from the drop down
4. In the Destination Drop-down, select Application. Click Ok.
**The reminders/receipts will open in Microsoft Office
5. Print the Receipts or Reminders. 
NOTE: The alignment may not be exact, but will likely be better aligned than before exporting. 


If the receipts don't have to be produced as pre-printed receipts, follow the steps in How to create custom receipts.


 7.94.6116 Patch 0

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