In Accounts Receivable 7:

  1. Enable the Accounts Payable Bank to create the refund:
    1. In Banks, select the Accounts Payable bank from drop-down list
    2. Click Edit account details
    3. Select the Payments tab
    4. Mark the Allow? checkbox for the Accounts Payable One-Time check
    5. Mark the Allow? checkbox for the Accounts Receivable Refund Check row
      Note: One-Time Check must also be marked for the Accounts Payable bank that will be issuing refund checks.
    6. Click Save and Close
  2. Create a refund billing item first:
    1. In Records, click Products and Billing Items
    2. Select File, New, New Refund Item from the menu bar
    3. Enter the appropriate information for the refund
    4. Mark the Allow user to create a Refund Check to be paid through Accounts Payable checkbox
    5. Save and Close the Refund Item
  3. Create the Refund:
    1. From the Accounts Receivable Records page, click Refunds
    2. Click Add a New Refund
    3. Enter the appropriate information, making sure to also input GL distribution information, or you may receive the following error "At least one credit account number required".
    4. On the Refund tab, click Create Refund Check 
    5. Select the Accounts Payable bank from the Bank account drop-down list
    6. Select the client or Other from the Print Check to drop-down list (Selecting Other allows you to record a check using a name other than the Client or Organization name.)
    7. Click OK
    8. If Other is selected, instead of the client, enter the payee information, including the payee name.
    9. At this point you have 3 options to save the check, print now, print later, or record now.
    10. Print now will immediately print the check and save the record, print later will allow you to print the check at a future time from the accounts payable bank, and record now will not ever print anything and will simply save and close the record without any physical check being created.
  4. Print the one-time check from the Accounts Payable bank