• Open the appropriate gift record
  • Select Gift, Reprint Receipt from the menu bar. The Reprint Receipt selection is enabled on the Gift menu only if the gift is
    marked as Receipted and a receipt number is entered on the gift. 
  • On the Reprint Receipt screen, enter the appropriate information.
    • The Receipt action field is required and indicates the type of receipt transaction being processed on the gift record. It explains why it is necessary to print another receipt for this gift, so you have an account of it if you ever need that information. What you select in this field appears on the Receipt History screen.
    • The Receipt history reason field includes an explanation of why receipts have been reprinted or reissued. What you enter in this field appears on the Receipt History screen.
    • In Use this parameter file field, select an existing receipt parameter file, if applicable. 
    • The Receipt number to use field has three options to allow you to reprint the receipt with the next available, same, or different receipt number. This is required. CCRA requires that receipts have a receipt number. 
    • The Message to print on receipt field allows you to enter a message to automatically appear on standard receipts. If you export receipts, the message is added to the export file. This message overwrites any message in the receipt's parameter file, which you select on the Format Tab, Output Options of the mail task. This message also overwrites any benefit Notes, entered on the Benefits screen, accessed through the gift record.
      Note: For consolidated receipts, we strongly recommend you enter a message including the date range the gifts were given. CCRA requires a date, which does not automatically print for consolidated receipts.
    • Click Merge, Print, or Preview