How to calculate matches automatically:
  1. Log in to The Education Edge (EE)
  2. Click the NetCommunity button
  3. Click Process Submitted Forms link (Choose either Admissions or Reenrollment link based off of what you need to process)
  4. Select the form submission
  5. Click the arrow beside Manage Matches at the top 
  6. Click Calculate Matches
  7. Click View Relationship Matches to the top right
The information should be matched for records that already exist in your system. Any rows that do not show matched, will create new records in EE with the submitted information. If there are duplicate matches, please refer to How to process an Online Admissions form with Multiple Matches found. If there are no matches found, but you know there should be a match the matching criteria should be edited, or try adding a match manually.

How to add a match manually:
  1. Click View Relationship Matches to the top right of the form processing window
  2. Select row for the relationship
  3. Click Add a Match
  4. Enter search criteria in the window. The type of record being searched can be changed in the top left corner by changing the value in the drop down menu for the field
  5. Select the record
  6. Click Open
The record should now show a match.