1.  Verify a Distribution Group is Created 

To create a Distribution Group, take the following steps 

  1. Go to School Website 
  2. Communication > Click Pushpage  
  3. Click Distribution Group 
  4. Click Create Distribution Group 
  5. Enter the preferred name of the group
  6. Select at least 1 Static User (this user can be removed after the import)
  7. Save

2. Set up the Data Import 
  1. Go to Core
  2.  System Tools > Click Data Import 
  3. Click Create import job
  4. From the Category drop-down, select Pushpage2010
  5. From the Import type drop down, select Distribution Group - Individual Users.
  6. View the File layout help to determine which layout to use for the data import file, distribution_group, user_id or distribution_group, firstname, lastname, host_id.
  7. Enter the preferred Name of the Import Parameter 
  8. From upload files, either drag the file or click to browse
  9. Click Process now to add the job.
Note: If the CSV file does not have the Host ID or User Ids, then this would be a manual process. The preferred users that should receive the pushpage will need to be manually added to the Pushpage Distribution Group via a list or individually as static users. Pushpage jobs can only be sent to constituents in the database. There is not a way to send a pushpage issue to someone that is not in the system.

Users must be part of your database to receive pushpages so that they have the option to opt out of the emails if they choose, per the CAN-SPAM Act.

Having users in your database also allows you to track a user's Pushpage Job History.