To edit the Grade Plan Group tied to a course, all grades and comments must be removed from all sections of the course.
  1. Navigate to onRecord > Procedures > Grading and select Manage Grades
  2. Select the Grade Plan that needs to be changed 
  3. Click View
  4. Click the Record link for the course
  5. Clear all Grade fields
  6. Edit the Comment fields and remove comments 
  7. Click Save
  8. Navigate to Core > School > Departments & Courses
  9. Select the course
  10. Click the Edit pencil icon
  11. Select the Grading tab
  12. Under the Grading tab, switch the grade plan to the correct grade plan
  13. Go to onRecord > Approval > Grading and remove the reviews
Note: If the course is multi-term, it may require a Data Fix. If the course has been offered before and has historic information tied to it, inactivate the existing course and create a new course with the updated Grade Plan Group.