1. Navigate to Analisis > Manage Lists
  2. Click Manage basic and advanced lists
  3. Click on the List Templates tab.
  4. From the Template Category drop down, select Constituent Information.
  5. To the right of Parents of Students with Enrollments (Current Year), click on View/Copy.
  6. In the Display Fields tab, click on Select Fields in the bottom-left.
  7. In the popup window, expand Parent/Child Relationship.
  8. Expand User Base [1].
  9. Select the User ID.
  10. Click Select.
  11. You can remove any Display Fields you do not need as well
  12. Click the Filters tab 
  13. Add the UserBase.Grad Year is any of The Grad Year you are looking to pull ex 2027 (User Base is the Student) we can see this by the Parent/Child Relationship is User Base [1] in Objects
  14. Title the List, place into a Category if desired
  15. Click Save or Save & Exit