Error: An unknown error occurred during the request. - when running revenue recognition hygiene for very large number of records

Users have the ability to create data lists to pull in specific information. However, they are finding that revenue recognition data lists with more than a years worth of information generates the "error: An unknown error occurred during the request. This could indicate a request to an invalid endpoint or a problem with the web server configuration"
This issue occurs when trying to view a large amount of data that exceeds the default timeout setting.  Two possible ways to address this issue:
  • Filter the data pulled to a smaller value that won't timeout
  • Update the WebShell.DefaultClientAppInfoTimeoutSeconds value to allow a longer time to process.  Note that timeouts of this nature are defaulted to prevent performance issues. Taking this approach introduces the risk of creating additional performance issues by allowing the process more time to run.  
We suggest the first listed option.  Use of the second option means you acknowledge the possibility of introducing performance issues to the system by doing so.   


 Blackbaud CRM

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