To set profile relationship access:
  1. From the persona menu, select Core.
  2. Click the Security > Profile Access menu option
  3. Click Profile Relationship Access.
  4. From the dropdown, select the role to which you are granting access. For example, select Parents.
  5. In the left-hand column, click the name of the role whose information can be edited. For example, click Student.
  6. Click Edit.
  7. Select from the following options:
    1. Do not restrict access. Default settings will be used: This is the default setting. It uses the profile publish access and is viewing access only based on what was set for the profile publish access. For example, whichever student information was published to parents is what parents can view (but not edit) about their own children.
    2. Do not allow access to any fields: This removes viewing access to profile fields. For example, parents would not be able to see their student's information.
    3. Use the following custom settings: This allows the Platform Manager to grant special profile viewing or editing access to the relationship's profile. For example, they can grant parents the ability to edit their child's information using this option. Select the View column to give view access for the field; select the Edit column to give view and edit access for the field. No is the default selection and does not give any access to the field.
  8. Click Save.