The Meeting Time is the time an activity, academic, or advisory is set to meet in the Schedule Set.

  1. Go to onRecord > Settings > Scheduling Setup.
  2. Select the Year, Group, and Level.
  3. Select the pencil icon to Edit the schedule set.
  4. Click the Meeting Times tab.
  5. Make the changes. 
  6. Select Save & Close. 
Note: The Schedule Manager can change days and times prior to the start of the term.
Note: In order for all sections to appear on the My Day screen, the meeting time length needs to be at least 8 minutes in length. For example a meeting time can be 7:50am - 7:58am. If the meeting time is a shorter length such as 7:50am - 7:56am then the course section will not appear on the My Day calendar however it will appear on the list version.

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