The following data elements are required:
  • Billing State/Province
  • Billing City
  • Email Address
  • Billing ZIP/Postal Code
  • Billing Street 1
  • Billing First Name
  • Billing Last Name
  • Payment Type
  • Communication Opt-In
  • Buttons
The Buttons element must be included for each page you have in the donation flow. These are the minimum required fields in order for Luminate Online to record the constituent in the database and also for that information to be provided to the Payment Gateway and the Payment Processor. Donation Forms also requires that one of the following Donation Levels be included:
  • Standard Donation Level
  • Installment Plan Donation Level
  • Designated Giving Donation Level
  • Flexible Sustainer Donation Level
  • Flexible Designated Giving Donation Level
  • Forever Sustainer Donation Level
Note: A Donation Level must be included, but multiple Donation Levels are not allowed.