When I add an add-on to a membership, it doesn't give me a line to add an additional member

Membership add-ons can be sold at the time of a membership transaction or they can be added later by upgrading the membership.  When upgrading the membership and purchasing more membership add-ons, there are not enough lines in the "who else should be included on this membership" section to add all the additional members that were purchased.  When a membership upgrade is issued after an additional member add-on is added to a membership, the upgrade removes the ability to add an additional member.

Temporarily configure the member's current membership level to allow one more member:

  1. Go to the main Memeberships tab and open the Membership program
  2. Select the Levels tab, Edit, and change the number of allowable members to increase it by 1
  3. Open the affected Membership record and select Edit members
  4. Add the additional member and go back to the main Memberships section
  5. Open the Membership program, select the Levels tab, Edit, and change the number of allowable members back to the original value

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Go to Revenue > Add a Membership.
  2. Add a new constituent.
  3. Select Add a membership, and select the program and a level that allows for two members.
  4. In the Do they want any add-ons section, mark the checkbox next to an additional member add-on and enter the quantity of one.  
  5. Enter all the members' names in the who else is on this membership section, enter payment information, and click Save.
  6. Go to that member's constituent record > Memberships tab.
  7. Click upgrade now next to the membership.
  8. In the what are they paying for section, change the dropdown to Renew the membership.
  9. Change the expiration date so that it is the same date as before.
  10. Change the membership amount to $0.
  11. Mark the box to purchase an additional member add-on.  Enter a quantity of two add-ons.
  12. In the Who Else Should Be included on this membership section, there should be two names listed from the original purchase.  Try to type in two more names for the two add-ons purchased.
  13. See there is only one more line in the "Who else should be included on this membership" section.


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