GL distribution reference fields wrong

When looking at the record of a payment made by a constituent you may notice that the reference on the GL distribution tab is incorrect
Confirm Post to GL details:
  1. Navigate to Financials > Post revenue to GL
  2. Click drop down next to your post process, and select Edit
  3. Select Posting Details tab
  4. Confirm your Post Method is setup as preferred for Revenue, Cash and Accounts Receivable
  5. If you have Override selected: the information entered in the Reference field will be what appears on the post report's Reference field for this Transaction Type.
  6. Save

Confirm there were no manual edits to the reference field on the payment:
  1. Navigate to Revenue > Transaction Search
  2. Search and open the payment record in question
  3. At top left underneath More information, click History
  4. Change Show to All
  5. View report to see if any Adds/Edits to Reference field occurred

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Click constituent > constituent search
  2. Search for and select a constituent
  3. Click the revenue tab on the constituent's record > click revenue history
  4. Click the revenue type link for a payment 
  5. Click the GL distribution tab
Take note of the deposit reference. It may have a different name than the deposit it was ran through.


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