For the latest and most accurate information, please visit our email resource center.

If you feel that none of the conditions above apply to your situation, please try the following troubleshooting steps:
  • To test Tell-A-Friend delivery, create a demo participant account if you don't have one already and send a message from your Participant Center to at least 2 separate webmail addresses, such as Gmail and Hotmail. Also send a message to your work email, or a co-workers email. If you receive the message at multiple addresses, but not at a specific address, then it could be because that email address is opted out of TAF. 
  • To test autoresponders, create a constituent record using a webmail address and send a password reset email. If the webmail addresses receive the messages, but the work email doesn't receive it, then it is likely a firewall issue. You will want to work with the intended recipient to ensure that any firewall settings on their end are throttling or blocking sends from the outgoing email server/ip addresses for Luminate Online.
  • If the issue being reported is about delays in receiving TAF messages and autoresponders, the test above will help confirm the source of the problem. If you are experiencing consistent delays to a specific email provider, but not your work email, this may be attributed to SPF, or the webmail provider itself is experiencing delays. If you experience delays in your work email, try sending an email from a webmail address to yourself and co-workers, and/or contact IT to see if they are aware of any issues.
Tell-A-Friend messages function in the same manner as autoresponders, which are all sent from the same server and are sent as a result of a constituent interaction with our site. In the case of TAF messages; the action of composing an email in the Participant Center. TAF messages, like autoresponders are an all-or-nothing type deal; if one autoresponder is sending, then they all are.