GL Distribution tab of Posted Payment shows additional, not yet posted Credit

On the GL Distribution tab of a Payment, when clicking the Dr/Cr Entries button, there is a double credit that is listed as Not yet posted even though the Deposit and all applications are posted.  This Not yet posted amount does not come up for posting.

In addition, on the Accounts Receivable Detail tab>> Application History, there is a line for the 'Unapplied' application, even though it is fully Applied. 
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Steps to Duplicate

1.  In Accounts Receivable>> Records>> Payments>> Open Payment
2.  Select the GL Distribution tab>> highlight the line of distribution and click the Dr/Cr Entries button**
**Note: There are 2 credits listed for the total amount of the Payment.  The correct account's credit is posted and the incorrect account's is Not yet posted
3.  Select the Accounts Receivable Detail tab>> Application History>> Highlight the Unapplied line>> click the Dr/Cr Entries button**
**Note: The line will read as posted but there should not be a line for unapplied since the item has now been applied.  There is another line here for the Applied activity and it also reads as Posted
5.  On the Accounts Receivable detail tab>> open the item(s) the Payment is applied to>> GL Distribution tab**
**Note: The correct accounts are debited and credited and everything is posted.


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