Gradebook report for Advisors

Gradebook Managers can grant access to the Cumulative Grades-Group [E] report, allowing Advisors to see their Advisees with their associated courses and cumulative grades.
Once the Advisor role is added to the report access, the report called Cumulative Grades-By Student for all Sections will be available in the reports tab, Run Roster/Student Reports, under Advisees in advisories.

As Gradebook Manager:
  1. Navigate from Academics > Analysis > Reports.
  2. Click on Report Admin.
  3. Select Gradebook category/Gradebook subcategory and locate the Cumulative Grades - Group [E] report.
  4. Click on the Role link.
  5. Select Advisor from the Available Roles box.
  6. Click Add to Group, then click Save & Exit.

The report will open in a new browser tab and is generated for each individual student.  Grade Access must be set to display to Advisors for the report to run effectively.  

Click here to learn more about setting up Grade Access.

You can also give access to a Report titled Gradebook Printout – By Teacher which will display the Students and Assignments as well as Cumulative Grade so all Advisors or just a specific user can run this report.

To do this navigate to:
  1. Analysis > Reports
  2. Report Admin
  3. Change the Dropdown Category to Gradebook
  4. Next to Gradebook Printout – By Teacher
  5. Select either Role or User (depending on if you want to give a whole Role access or just a specifc user(s)
  6. Click on the name of the Role or User
  7. Click Add to Group >>
  8. Click Save

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